New follower! And first unfollower (that I noticed, I mean)!

(I know I lost one follower on Thursday or Friday) but hey, thank you bleatbleatbleat for following me!

But uh… Is this some kind of joke?
I mean…

Goats are cute (except for their frog-like eyes), but… Uh… Yeah.

You know, I had to Google “bleat” because since I’m French, to me, a goat “bêêêêêle”, it doesn’t “bleeeaat”… o.O
Yeah, I feel stupid now. So yeah, if you like goats… check his/her/its blog XD

Because it’s just that. Goats, I mean. It’s not called bleatbleatbleat for nothing, I suppose.

I just… wanted to share my… uh… perplexity…?

Ahem. Good night.